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Today was my birthday. I went for a ride instead of browsing the shops with the Next vouchers that I was given. It was an easy decision-ride on a sunny, mild day at the end of October or go shopping? … Continue reading

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Mind over matter

I got woken by Leo at 1a.m. who “heard voices” & came into our room to tell us. He was invited in with us by Mrs B2W and slowly wore me down by chatting incessantly about his theories of whose … Continue reading

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October hasn’t stopped being wet. Discounting Monday when I opted to hide from the rain on the indoor trainer in front of TV recordings I have not ridden on a dry day. It even hammered down on me last Friday … Continue reading

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September mild

The last month of September has been dry, mild which has made it thoroughly enjoyable to get out of the sack early in the morning for my commute to work. Others have described the same elsewhere in the northern hemisphere … Continue reading

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